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OUH, Ankomst by Nobly

Ankomst by Nobly helps give patients a good reception at Odense University Hospital

Giving incoming patients an informative, reassuring reception while freeing up considerable secretarial staff resources are two of the main benefits that Departments D and E enjoy thanks to the “Ankomst by Nobly” system. The system has now been purchased for all of Odense University Hospital’s clinical departments.

The hospital’s primary declared focus is “Putting the Patient First”. Gynaecology/Obstetrics Department D and Ophthalmology Department E at Odense University Hospital are now able to satisfy this objective fully.

Helle Eriksen, who used to be a medical secretary in Department E, has this to say: “There used to be three secretaries seated in reception for arriving patients, who often had to wait in long queues to get registered or be given information. This created a lot of unnecessary steps for patients, having to go all the way into a department to talk to a secretary, who would usually send them back to the main entrance to scan their Danish National Health Insurance Card before returning to ask where to sit. This created a bottleneck, and was basically a waste of staff resources and, not least, time and effort for the patient.”

That was why a working group was set up to look at ways of saving staff resources and providing a better welcome for patients. In this process, Nobly was chosen as the supplier and business partner to develop the Ankomst by Nobly system.

CIMT Project Manager Eva Lund was involved from the very beginning of the process: “The weakness of other electronic self-serve arrival registration systems was that they were unable to ‘pick up’ appointments that had already been made. That would entail manual inputting of all existing appointments, wasting time that could be used for more important tasks. Ankomst by Nobly adapts to our systems and electronic patient records, and not vice versa,” Eva Lund explains, and continues: “Ankomst by Nobly automatically creates an entry in the electronic medical records when patients scan their Danish National Health Insurance card.  Usually, that’s a manual task for a secretary, and it has to be done before clinicians can do their job, while avoiding calling for patients who have not shown up. Automated registration is a huge advantage to us, saving a lot of secretarial resources in the various departments. Generally speaking, Nobly has a very good understanding of what goes on in the hospital. They listen and talk to secretaries and clinicians, and convert this into workable systems. They’re quick as lightning when it comes to picking up on little things we discuss, and they formulate what we want into something tangible,” Eva Lund says regarding cooperation with Nobly.


Since Ankomst by Nobly was implemented at Odense University Hospital, now there is only one secretary at the reception desk (previously three) to greet patients, and the queue has gone. When patients come to the main entrance, they go to a screen, which is clearly marked with an informative film. Patients scan their own Danish National Health Insurance cards here, and they are immediately given personalised welcome information and instructions specific to the patient and the relevant department.

Ankomst by Nobly is designed to be able to handle multiple units and functions from the same screen, giving different individual instructions and messages to patients, depending on the type of appointment assigned to the patient.
“Other similar systems can’t generate individual messages, which often means patients are left wondering whether they have actually registered, so they still have to ask a secretary, to be absolutely sure. We’ve had none of that with Ankomst by Nobly,” Helle Eriksen explains, and concludes:

“Our patients are received faster now, without too many unnecessary steps or having to queue up at the reception desk only to be directed to wherever they need to go. Patients feel welcome at the screen, which comes up with their name and personal instructions, and most people are already familiar with having to scan their Danish National Health Insurance card at the doctor’s surgery. Combined with another system by Nobly, Befordring by Nobly, which is a very user-friendly, efficient electronic application for travel allowance, we’ve eliminated the bottleneck that used to exist at the reception desk.”

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