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New document management system puts Alka ahead in customer experience and data security

The new GDPR came into force in May 2018, with tough requirements for the storage and use of sensitive personal data. Alka Forsikring took the opportunity to examine all its business processes and procedures to ensure the best possible controls for managing sensitive personal data, among other things. Nobly offered Alka a solution for dealing with all documents: a document portal based on OnBase by Hyland. Today, Mit Alka (My Alka) offers each customer a secure overview of their involvement and case correspondence, so Alka is well equipped for running the digital race of the future.

“Despite ongoing digitisation, around two years ago we still had about 2 km of shelves full of physical claims cases. We had a meeting with Iron Mountain about a scanning solution with physical storage of all these cases, and at the meeting we were also introduced to their business partner Nobly. We were already aware of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which meant we would need a brand-new document management system to put in place controls to ensure compliance with the new rules, including in the correspondence with our customers. Ordinary mail and eBoks are expensive options and, in our opinion, they don’t provide the best customer experience. Instead, we chose to work with a central document archive as a basis for letting customers view everything on Mit Alka,” Claus Heuck, Area Manager for Alka Forsikring, explains.

An intuitive, future-proof solution
Alka already enjoys a strong reputation when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customer experience and good service are top priority, and these had to be at the heart of whatever new solution Alka chose. From the outset, the scope was restricted to an intuitive document management solution that initially included TIA documents, i.e. correspondence from Alka to customers about current insurance cases.

“We had two basic requirements regarding the solution: the first was the requirement for a central archive in Mit Alka where customers can log in and view their involvement and TIA case correspondence. The second was the requirement for central logging of documents, as prescribed by GDPR. Following an in-depth process of quotations and information exchange, plus a follow-up analysis of suppliers, we chose Nobly and OnBase,” Product Owner Jesper Kiel Sloth explains. “By then, we only had about two months left to implement the solution, which seemed, quite frankly, overwhelming. But Nobly offered a tried-and-tested, future-proof solution, and there was good chemistry at the meetings. Nobly is a relatively small consultancy firm, but it has major customers, including in the Danish Regions, so we were confident they’d be able to do this. Early in the process, they demonstrated that they understood our needs and business processes. Their deep insight into document management, combined with the will to work flexibly in the same agile way we operate, made it possible to achieve our goal on time.”

Widening the scope during the process
The initial discovery phase was decisive in terms of the solution, Alka Project Manager Stine Kensø explains: “We had lots of small, efficient working meetings for all parts of the business. Nobly was physically present and got to know every nook and cranny of our business, and they were able to ask a lot of questions about our work processes. My previous experience of processes to do with selecting suppliers had been meeting a strong, convincing team, only to find, later in the process, that I was dealing with consultants who were nothing like as efficient as the ones who sold us the solution. That was certainly not the case this time. It was a tight schedule, but we felt confident because we’d chosen a future-proof system with plenty of workflow options.”

Jesper Kiel Sloth agrees: “Nobly’s approach to OnBase all the way has been that this system is capable of meeting our needs. About two weeks into the implementation process, we realised we’d need the solution to include archiving of e-mail correspondence without attached files. That wasn’t part of the original agreement. But much of our customer correspondence also involves e-mails without attachments, so it just made sense to include those too. Here, Nobly proved to be extremely willing to make changes, and they came up with a good solution whereby the system automatically asks whether external e-mails should be sent in the normal way or directly to Mit Alka. In actual fact, we managed to deal with a whole lot of extra GDPR-related tasks alongside the initial, narrow scope.”

Morten Have is Business Development Director and a Partner at Nobly, and was involved in the project from the outset. He has nothing but praise regarding working with Alka in what was, at times, a hectic process: “Working with Alka was fantastic. IT issues are often decided at executive level. With Alka, it was the opposite. Here, the users drive development, and we heard back from them very quickly if things didn’t work in practice. It was incredibly brilliant. Alka was intent on providing the necessary resources, and we didn’t have to wait for e-mails or meetings before we could make progress. We had a technical project manager physically deployed at Alka, which made all the difference for getting things done. Obviously, the fact that Alka opted for a mature solution from the outset really helped, with a wide selection of OnBase modules that were easy to expand on. That’s partly what made it possible to bolt on e-mail integration without major costs,” Morten Have concludes.

Willing employees and satisfied customers
Twelve super-users from different departments were the first to receive training on the new document management system. They served as ambassadors out in the departments, where OnBase was well received by users.

“The system is very intuitive and easy, and users were basically able to work with it from day one – although it’s always hard to start using something new, and obviously there were lots of questions initially. Users welcomed the new document management system with open arms, and several are already asking for access to more of its functions,” Stine Kensø explains.

There is overall consensus at Alka that OnBase has been a good platform for embarking on their digital journey. There has been no shortage of praise for the insurance company’s digital solutions from external sources, too, including FinansWatch. For many years, Alka has been one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in Denmark, with some of the market’s most satisfied customers. At the same time, Alka has enjoyed earnings on a par with the market leaders. This position led to the company’s acquisition by Tryg in 2017, although it has continued as an independent brand.

“By definition, insurance is reputed to be dull and incomprehensible. That’s why Alka has set an objective of making it simple and delivering good quality at low cost. OnBase gives us a number of low-cost, efficient processes to help us offer just that. Customers find it totally natural to be able to locate their policies, terms and conditions and correspondence in Mit Alka,” Jesper Kiel Sloth explains. He concludes: “We’re GDPR-compliant, and we display relevant documents to relevant customers and colleagues. We’re already looking forward to the next phase of OnBase, which will be even sharper in relation to digital processes and workflows. We recognise the potential of OnBase to make an impact on accounting, HR and our overall commercial activities. And we’ve yet to hear Nobly say, we can't do that.

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