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Toyota Material Handling Denmark

Saving resources and enhancing customer experiences
at Toyota Material Handling Denmark

Toyota Material Handling Denmark wanted to digitise the manual work processes in connection with the flow of invoices in the company. The objective was clear from the start: going forward, all invoices had to be sent in electronic format, and filters had to be set up to quality-assure the content in relation to customer wishes.
Nobly took charge of the analysis process and the programming of a user-friendly interface that works with the existing advanced ERP system.

“We were facing some challenges with manual invoice processing. Sometimes kilometres and hours would be swapped around, and a lot of resources were devoted to checking invoices. The new system saves us up to 40 man-hours per month, and the quality of the invoices has increased significantly. Naturally, this has a knock-on effect on customer satisfaction,” according to Finance Manager Sonny Bloch Jensen.

Toyota Material Handling Danmark is ISO certified, which means, among other things, that all customer complaints must be correctly recorded. With the new system in place, mistakes do not get as far as the customer as often, but are caught by the filters. And any customer complaints that do come in are immediately classified in the system, providing a basis for reliable statistics. “The golden nugget really is being able to identify where we ‘niggle’ our customers so we can prevent that and create better customer experiences,” Sonny Bloch Jensen declares.

A new credit note system incorporating an approval flow is already in the pipeline, and Toyota Material Handling Denmark has high expectations for this. They are delighted to be working with Nobly, and are keen to recommend them to others.

“Nobly has listened closely to what we want, and we’ve experienced a very pragmatic and flexible approach to solutions. We’ve been able to develop things as we go along, and deal with the hurdles together... and without being hit by large unexpected bills,” a satisfied Finance Manager explains.

Sonny Bloch Jensen, Finance Manager
Toyota Material Handling Denmark

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