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Visma uses OnBase to enhance security and minimise processing time

As a provider of online invoice and debt collection services, Visma Collectors AS receives large quantities of physical letter post every day containing sensitive personal data. This makes the time-consuming processing of these documents particularly challenging. Implementing OnBase has slashed the time required to process each letter by 70%, and has sped up the digital archiving process 100%.

Based in Norway, Visma Collectors AS provides invoicing and debt collection services to private and public-sector companies. As a result, large quantities of letters are received daily containing sensitive personal data, from customers, authorities, debtors and creditors. Mail processing used to take up 4–5 FTEs, with a legal obligation to reply within two days after receipt. Complying with that deadline could be a challenge, and mail could go missing or risk being left open on the desk of the individual caseworker. With that in mind, the management decided to enhance efficiency and take the processing of incoming mail into the digital realm.

“We were keen to outsource the process to an external business partner capable of ensuring top-notch security, efficiency and punctuality. We contacted Iron Mountain, which, working with Nobly, introduced us to the OnBase ECM solution. It was the perfect solution right from the start – a brilliant match,” says Thomas Skjørten, Head of Business Development at Visma Collectors AS.

An efficient, secure solution
Based on an in-depth analysis of the internal business processes, Nobly delivered a custom solution, with Iron Mountain in charge of scanning letter post directly into OnBase. Information such as the reference number, case reference and civil registration number is identified automatically in each letter, and the letter is appropriately categorised and archived in the system. This has reduced processing time from 4–5 FTEs to approximately 2 FTEs for Visma.

“This solution has reduced physical mail processing by 100%, and reduced processing time for the individual documents by an average of 70%. Financially, it’s a major gain for us. All the caseworkers can easily retrieve documents, as everything is categorised and archived logically in OnBase. Previously, we tended to find we were not dealing with a document within the time limit because it hadn’t been registered in our system. Now we’re fully able to abide by all our internal guidelines as well as legal requirements, because none of the-mail gets lost in this system. Another real benefit for us is that OnBase is GDPR-compliant. We no longer have letters lying around on individual caseworkers’ desks, because all the physical mail is destroyed after scanning and archiving in OnBase. Here, the documents are also deleted automatically when the case is closed. Traditionally that has been a massive challenge, and now we have the solution,” Thomas Skjørten explains.

Easy to customise
When multiple vital IT systems need to talk to each other within an organisation, it usually involves an expensive, time-consuming process that can end up with inflexible solutions. One of the great things about OnBase is that it doesn’t affect our core system, but is easy to integrate and tailor to the needs of the individual company. As an IT provider, Nobly took care of customising the solution to the relevant business processes and also trained selected employees, who have been the driving force in the process.

“OnBase was easy to customise to our existing systems. For example, we use the Actic debt collection system, which used to entail 4–5 clicks to forward a document to the legal team. Nobly developed an ‘express button’ in OnBase, so we can forward documents with a single click. My overall impression is that OnBase is a highly configurable solution, where adding buttons is easy. That saves us a lot of programming time,” Thomas Skjørten confirms.

Phase 1, which included digitisation of incoming mail, is now so well-established in the organisation that Visma Collectors is already looking forward to the next phase:

“All our employees have embraced OnBase with open arms, and it is now a natural part of their everyday routine. The employees are the driving force in this process, and they are happy to be able to work on their cases more efficiently. Our employees are the key ambassadors for our services, and they’re looking forward to getting started on Phase 2, which covers outbound communication. Eventually, all the documents we produce internally and send out will also be stored in OnBase, to optimise the workflow. For example, customers will be able to sign documents digitally when they have received a notification telling them they are ready online. This, in turn, will help to ensure that sensitive personal data and case histories are properly processed, and automatically deleted once the loan has been repaid and the case is closed. I fully expect this integration will improve efficiency by cutting another 20% off processing times,” Thomas Skjørten estimates.

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