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Ankomst by Nobly

The reception desk is often a bottleneck in Danish hospital departments when patients have to queue up to be registered or given further instructions. Ankomst by Nobly is a digital registration system for patients arriving at a modern hospital. Ankomst by Nobly ensures personal, reliable electronic check-in via self-service scanning of the Danish National Health Insurance Card. The patient is given full instructions on-screen so that there is no doubt about times, location and other important predefined information.

Ankomst by Nobly is fully integrated with the hospital’s booking systems and electronic patient records, ensuring that all relevant greeting information is passed on to the patient via the screen.
Ankomst by Nobly automatically creates an entry in the electronic patient records when patients scan their health insurance cards. Accordingly, the system is an important tool for clinical staff, who are informed that the patient has arrived, whether the patient contact has been properly registered in the electronic patient records; the patient’s details, future appointments and location are also given. Integrated with Nobly RoOS, registration of arrivals can generate a task to be passed on to the relevant healthcare professionals.

Ankomst by Nobly is designed to be able to handle multiple units and functions from the same screen, giving different individual instructions and messages to patients, depending on the booking category to which the patient was assigned.

Ankomst by Nobly has already saved a lot of reception resources, and patients are reliably registered on arrival at Department of Obstetrics Department D or Ophthalmology E at OUH Odense.Read about their experiences with the system here.

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