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Befordring by Nobly

Befordring by Nobly digitises and streamlines a traditionally very arduous work process involving the handling of transport reimbursement for patients arriving at the hospital by transportation that they have funded themselves.

Under normal circumstances, hospitals use a lot of resources from medical secretaries and nurses to help patients fill in an application for transport reimbursement. This application is then handled via a manual, paper-based work process at a local transport office, after which any outstanding balance will be sent to the accounts department for payment up to 10 weeks later.

Befordring by Nobly is an intuitive system where the patient uses a touch screen directly to fill in an electronic application for transport reimbursement. Based on the patient’s address details, the system automatically calculates the number of kilometres, and the application is then sent electronically to the departments administering the applications.

As there is full integration with the hospital’s appointments data, the patient’s registered address as well as other key information such as pension and ambulance services, the system can automatically calculate prices, and inform the patient directly. This slashes the process from application to payment from up to 10 weeks to just two days.

Befordring by Nobly is responsible for tracking and storing all applications, any complaints management and dispute resolution, and direct dispatch by Digital Post.

Befordring by Nobly has already helped eliminate backlogs and saved us 80% of staff resources in the secretarial pool in the Department of Obstetrics Department D and Ophthalmology E, OUH Odense. Read about their experiences with the system here.

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