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NoblyDoc is an advanced scanning system developed for automatic classification and management of documents.

NoblyDoc handles the entire process of correct archiving of documents received from scanning or digitally (e-mail, FTP, network drives, etc.) for delivery to the correct system. This process saves a lot of staff resources, provides security and improves work processes throughout the organisation.

NoblyDoc’s advanced classification engine is able to recognise patterns or content from different types of documents. After classification, documents are placed in the desired destination with the relevant information flagged up.

NoblyDoc is designed with a highly scalable architecture, freeing the organisation from slow recognition processes. From the moment the document is sent to NoblyDoc, either digitally or via scanning, it takes only seconds for it to be accurately classified, with the information flagged up and made accessible to staff.

NoblyDoc is widely used today throughout the Capital Region of Denmark, and supports the extraction and verification of patients’ civil registration numbers, ensuring that all documents are filed correctly.

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