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Healthcare IT

RoOS by Nobly

RoOS by Nobly is an efficient resource and task management system developed by Nobly specifically for Danish hospital departments. RoOS digitises the verbal and written handover of tasks that are often the norm in hospitals. The system delivers better and more flexible working procedures among healthcare professionals via digital communication using computers and mobile devices. Overviews of current tasks, efficient communication and fewer distractions in a busy working day are among the most obvious benefits to users of RoOS by Nobly.


In 2017, everyday life in many Danish hospital departments is still dominated by obsolete hardcopy lists and resource-intensive work processes that place undue constraints on staff time. That time could be used on more value-adding activities for the patients. In the course of the day, healthcare professionals exchange a steady stream of paper-based work lists, questions, requests and messages alongside verbal instructions. This creates a lot of disruption and running around; notes containing sensitive personal data may be inadvertently left lying around, and, in a worst case scenario, verbal instructions may go unheeded. RoOS by Nobly is a powerful tool for structuring communications, utilising resources and, ultimately, delivering better service for the patients.

A nurse can use RoOS by Nobly to create both planned and urgent tasks on the system and, if necessary, to make messages show up for the right person at a specific point in time. The patient’s condition, the urgency of the task and supplementary messages can be attached to the task. Doctors can use their smartphones to quickly gain an overall view of current tasks and messages on their personal worklists, continuously flag the status of tasks or take on extra tasks from colleagues who are more burdened. If a nurse urgently needs a doctor to do something for a patient, she can create this as a task in RoOS. The task shows up for all the department’s doctors, and can be accepted by whoever is nearest and has time. This results in better workflow and less waiting time for the patients on the ward.

The Department of Obstetrics D and Ophthalmology Department E at OUH Odense use RoOS by Nobly, and have benefited greatly from digitising communications. Read about their experiences with the system here.

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