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Nobly and Cambio Healthcare Systems enter into strategic cooperation on clinical logistics for hospitals in Denmark and abroad

The Danish company Nobly and the multinational Cambio Healthcare Systems have entered into a strategic collaboration on clinical logistics. They aim to help hospitals stop wasting resources and perform tasks more efficiently for the benefit of both healthcare professionals and patients. 

Even in 2018, the daily procedures of many Danish hospital departments are dominated by obsolete hardcopy lists and resource-intensive workflows that are needlessly time-consuming for staff. During their workdays, healthcare professionals exchange a steady flow of paper-based task lists, questions, requests and information alongside verbal messages. This is very disruptive and prompts lots of running about, at the risk of important information not being entered in the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) or simply being forgotten or lost along the way.

Strategic cooperation on clinical logistics and EMR
Two outstanding companies in the area of Health Information Technology (HIT) – Denmark’s Nobly and multinational Cambio Healthcare Systems – are joining forces in a strategic collaboration to further develop HIT tools for clinical logistics that can eliminate wasted resources and ensure more efficient performance of tasks for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients alike. For example, it will make it possible to dispatch a care task to the nurse who is closest to a patient’s room and who has time to carry it out.

Nobly has been running its RoOS system (a resource and task management solution for clinical logistics) in the hospital departments of Odense University Hospital since 2012. Cambio Healthcare Systems develops and delivers its EMR system COSMIC to customers in several northern European countries and regions, including the Region of South Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Danish Defence Health Service. 

World premiere: Expanding EMR to include clinical logistics
Nobly and Cambio Healthcare Systems plan to use this cooperation to become the first in the world to integrate Nobly’s clinical logistics solution deep into Cambio’s EMR system COSMIC.

This will eliminate the need for clinical staff to log in and out of several different systems, because they will be able to automatically exchange relevant patient information between the systems. This will keep all the necessary patient information up to date and at the fingertips of doctors and nurses whenever and wherever they need them.

Strategic cooperation on best practice solutions
“We welcome and see great potential in cooperating with Scandinavia’s biggest provider of electronic medical records. Cambio Healthcare Systems is an extremely strong partner who can navigate the various problems in modern health and hospital systems and appreciates clinics’ challenges down to the last detail,” says Morten Have, Business Development Manager, Nobly. “Together, we can forge a strong link between clinical logistics and the COSMIC EMR system, thus offering clinicians an extremely efficient and targeted platform for their daily work.”

Steffen Lerche, CEO of Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark, says: “At Cambio Healthcare Systems, we have years of extensive experience of developing and implementing our COSMIC EMR system and other HIT solutions. We give high strategic priority to cooperating with high-calibre companies in our sector. By collaborating with Nobly on clinical logistics, we will develop best practice solutions to make COSMIC an even stronger tool for healthcare professionals in the clinic’s day-to-day activities.”

About Nobly and “RoOS by Nobly” for clinical logistics
Nobly has been running its clinical logistics solution – RoOS by Nobly – in hospital departments at Odense University Hospital for several years. RoOS is a resource and task management system that digitises the oral and written handover of tasks in hospital departments by means of computers and mobile devices and steers tasks towards available capacity. Overviews of current tasks, efficient communication and fewer disruptions during busy workdays are among the most obvious benefits.

About Cambio Healthcare Systems and the COSMIC EMR system
Cambio Healthcare Systems is already a major player in the northern European market for HIT. Besides Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Danish Defence Health Service, Cambio Healthcare Systems provide medical records and other health-related IT systems (such as clinical decision-making support systems) to Sweden, Scotland, Ireland and the UK. 

Morten Have, Business Development Manager, Nobly
Mobile: +45 2751 3000

Steffen Lerche, CEO, Cambio Healthcare Systems Denmark
Mobile: +45 4190 8000

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