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Digitise your HR with OnBase for an overview you can rely on

Your employees are your company’s chief asset. Having a complete – and reliable – overview of personal information and terms of employment should therefore take top priority. OnBase by Hyland is one of the strongest platforms in the market for effective HR work, and Nobly will get you off to a good start.

Many companies find that they have to obtain employee information, contracts of employment, course certificates, etc., from a number of different systems. It is a waste of valuable time and is also often a source of GDPR security breaches when personal data is exchanged via e-mail or in the post.

A high level of safety has been baked into the OnBase platform design right from the start. This also makes the platform a strong, flexible tool in today’s HR departments, working across systems and departments.

A customised, automated HR universe
With OnBase as your HR platform, you can tailor your own employee universe, “Mit HR” [“My HR”], from scratch, or you can use OnBase to support and enhance communications and work processes between your existing, stand-alone HR systems. The system ensures that data and data access are always correctly controlled, and that sensitive personal data is deleted automatically and in time according to the applicable rules when people leave. For new recruits and amendments to contracts, Digital Signature ensures a quick and easy approval procedure. All these functions free up a lot of resources day after day.

OnBase is a unique platform for:

    • Secure management of the data a company needs for handling employee onboarding.
    • Optimising work processes, e.g. preparation of employment contracts.
    • Process automation, e.g. approval of employment contracts involving multiple stakeholders.
    • Logging of all activities to provide a transparent trail of who has seen what and when.
    • Giving auditors access to relevant, necessary information about employees during company audits.
    • Advanced visual reporting thanks to built-in dashboards.

Sample dashboard:

In brief, OnBase collects all the information in one location, making your working day simpler, more secure and more efficient.

We help you achieve your objectives securely
At Nobly, our key task is to probe your business processes all the way into the nooks and crannies of your business. That’s the only way for us to advise you of the best solution. If you’d like to know more about the many possibilities of OnBase, please contact Nobly for a no-obligation chat. We’re always ready to explain how you can achieve your objectives for digitising your HR work.

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