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Investing in growth strategies has resulted in Nobly hiring a new sales director

Nobly's new sales director Thomas Varen joins the company on September 1, joining an ambitious and dedicated management team.

Thomas will, among other things, be responsible for leading and developing Nobly's Sales Department and for ensuring that we have the best sales team in place, always knowledgeable about Nobly's solutions and able to meet the needs of our customers.

"It's really important to me to be close to the customer and the decisions. So I'm looking forward to being part of a company where you can make a difference and just feel the difference, because here you're close to the decisions, the customers, and the solutions. I feel energized, motivated, and joyful during my working day because of it."

Thomas has a graduate degree in management accounting and many years of experience in complex software sales. Most recently, he worked at NNIT as Sales Executive. He previously held positions such as CEO, Business Development Manager, and Sales Manager.

Nobly looks forward to collaborating with Thomas and seeing how his vast experience will help the company to continue its growth.

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