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OnBase core competencies

All the information

gathered in a single platform

OnBase brings together the company’s information in a single simple platform. This allows rights-management-led sharing of information across all the core systems of the organisation. It provides the best starting point for working efficiently, making well-founded decisions, reducing data entry errors and boosting productivity across departments.

OnBase is a low-code platform for rapid configuration of applications for content-driven solutions. With a background in the US banking world’s extremely strict data security requirements, OnBase puts your business a sure-fire step ahead by ensuring compliance and interlinking core systems.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

OnBase is the market leader for Enterprise Content Management, and manages all data directly from the moment it arrives or is created through to final archiving or destruction.

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BPM Workflows

OnBase BPM automates frequently recurring work processes and optimises the flow of information and documents throughout the organisation.

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OnBase Capture captures both physical and electronic content, and automates data capture. This optimises the speed of processes that require central access to critical information.

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Case Management

OnBase case management gives your employees an efficient way of managing cases, making better decisions and supporting effective quality assurance.

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OnBase has integrated content management software into more than 500 unique applications without user-defined coding. And it’s not just a matter of retrieving documents – OnBase provides more than 30 different integration options and fully supports both SOAP and REST API.

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Guidewire Integration

The majority of insurance companies can usually only see a fraction of the customer information they need to issue a new policy or deal with a claim. Adapting the company’s Guidewire strategy with the OnBase content services platform enables a complete overview of customers.

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Enterprise Search

OnBase Enterprise Search is a market leader for the classification of information, making it easy to find across all the company’s IT systems.

Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS)

A cloud-based solution for secure synchronisation and sharing of business data, with your organisation retaining full ownership and control.

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