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Case Management

Knowledge-based work and

case management in organisations

All organisations have processes that cannot be defined, and results that cannot be predicted. OnBase Case Management gives employees the basis for effective case management, better decision-making and effective quality assurance.

OnBase brings together all the information – including documents and e-mails – for the specific case, and gives the case handler the necessary tools, whether it’s for solving a problem, managing a claim, responding to a customer enquiry or onboarding a new employee.

OnBase Case Management means:

  • your employees can work smarter: OnBase provides a 360-degree overview of the necessary information. This creates a basis for better decision-making based on data, documents, customer talks and e-mails.
  • you achieve better transparency and control: Dashboards for reporting and tracking all activities enhance transparency, support GDPR compliance and help the organisation to identify scope for improvement.
  • you get a complete platform, including at group level: Save time and costs by building, managing and updating systems that span multiple organisations. Create content-activated applications on a user-friendly, drag-and-drop configurable platform.

OnBase makes it easy to configure data-driven applications, automate repetitive processes, and manage supporting documents and case documents.
Most other providers offer the same possibilities, but via solutions that incorporate several different products. OnBase is the only software package in the market developed from scratch to provide these functionalities in a single combined product.

OnBase Case Management enables your organisation to deal with a wide range of business challenges – from project management and compliance to sales management, contract management, HR onboarding, incident management and fraud investigation – all together on a single combined platform.

If you want to know more about OnBase Case Management, you can read much more on OnBase’s official website her.

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