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OnBase has been recognised in a number of different contexts as the international market leader for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). OnBase manages your business data from the moment it arrives or is created all the way through the information lifecycle to final archiving or destruction.

Choosing OnBase as your ECM platform opens up possibilities far superior to other ECM systems. OnBase offers Case Management, Business Process Management (BPM) and Capture technologies on one and the same platform. You can also choose to expand further with the ShareBase file synchronisation and file sharing solution. The OnBase platform can be integrated with your existing IT environment, expanded to include mobile devices, and made accessible locally or as a cloud-based solution.

Acclaimed by leading IT analysts and users
We know it can be difficult to compare the various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providers. After all, the choice of an ECM platform is not just a software investment. It’s an investment in the ECM provider’s strategic abilities to deliver a stable product and continuous development that will support your business objectives now and in the future. This is where research and industry analysis reports can help provide an overview. Download a free copy of the Gartner and Forrester ECM reports to equip you to make the decision.


If you want to know more about the various ECM functionalities in OnBase, you can read much more on OnBase’s official website her.

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