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Microsoft Dynamics integration

Accelerating processes

and reducing costs

OnBase integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP – including integrations with Dynamics AX, GP and NAV, for example – links companies’ transaction data, stored in their Dynamics applications, to supporting information stored in OnBase.

Via their Dynamics ERP screens, users get rapid access to all the necessary information, such as the purchase order and packing slip pertaining to an invoice. At the same time, of course, they benefit from the built-in OnBase functionalities such as document annotation. This not only accelerates key processes, it also releases staff resources for other key tasks.

Transforming processes throughout the company
Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with OnBase makes all the necessary information for processing transactions instantly accessible directly from Dynamics, including e-mails, scanned images, electronic documents and forms.

For example, users can:

  • Accelerate processes by gaining access to necessary documents with a single click in their Dynamics ERP
  • Make use of automated indexing using values from Dynamics data to fill in search fields
  • Cut costs by eliminating duplicate input or manual error correction
  • Make use of more options for attachment types

If you want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics integration, you can read much more on OnBase’s official website here.

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