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Content Services

OnBase:One platform. 
Unlimited potential. 

Nobly is a certified Danish partner and is a developer of the Hyland Software’s Enterprise Content Management solution OnBase, a global leader in the field of storing and processing information. OnBase is a Content Service/Information platform for electronic case and document management, among other things, and can integrate with your other IT systems. OnBase brings together systems and content to produce relevant, useful information, collated and made readily accessible in one place for users. When users get the relevant data at the right time, it affects productivity, operating costs and, not least, the level of service. That is precisely why we chose OnBase as our information platform. Nothing beats it, if you ask us!

Unique organisations – unique solutions
If the digitisation of processes is to succeed and create value, the starting point must always be the specific needs of the organisation. OnBase makes it easy to customise unique solutions to harness the potential in your particular organisation.
The platform integrates with your organisation’s other IT systems, and compiles all the desired information into an overview that brings added value to the individual processes.
In our experience, the biggest benefits of using OnBase are:

  • Improved level of service
    Real-time status of orders, requests and transactions
    Customers/patients can fill in forms online
    - Savings on staff resources spent searching for information in different places
  • Reduced operating costs
    - Speedier case processing because all the relevant data is available in one place
    - Increased productivity due to rapid access to relevant, up-to-date data everywhere – even from mobile devices
    - Electronic storage and exchange of documents significantly reduces use of paper and postal expenses
  • Minimising risk
    - All searches and changes on the systems are tracked and logged automatically
    - Supports reporting of or requests for missing, required information
    - Complies with all applicable provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

OnBase has its roots in the financial sector and has therefore always been subject to strict requirements. That is why secure storage and processing of sensitive personal data are at the core of the system.

The platform is based on simple IT architecture that brings together Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, Workflows, Business Process Management, Records Management, Real-time Monitoring of processes and access to data, information and documents anywhere and at any time.

You can read much more about Hyland’s OnBase here.

An experienced team behind you
Since 2012, we have developed and operated OnBase for the entire Southern Denmark Region, and have been the preferred supplier for the operation and maintenance of the Capital Region of Denmark’s and Region Zealand’s OnBase solutions since 1 January 2015. Accordingly, Nobly services more than 50,000 users of the system.
Nobly’s team comprises certified OnBase consultants covering all aspects of OnBase: Installer Certification, API certification and Workflow/WorkView certification. If the systems go wrong during your working day, we are standing by with rapid, expert technical support from staff with many years’ experience of the specific systems.

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