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With more than 27 years’ industry experience, OnBase makes it possible for educational institutions to utilise existing data to give employees a full overview of individual courses of study.

This includes capture services, case processing, e-forms and workflows, as well as document management. More than 900 educational institutions currently use OnBase; this makes the platform a strong tool for today’s institutions.

The US company Hyland that created OnBase has been cultivating industry expertise for more than a quarter of a century in selected industry verticals. As a certified OnBase partner, Nobly speaks the language of your industry and understands the challenges it faces. That means, when you invest in OnBase, you’re not only investing in an IT system. You’re investing in the market’s leading intuitive information platform that merges with your core systems and takes you and your business to the next level.

You can also visit and read much more about the platform and the people behind it.

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