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OnBase is carefully designed for the insurance industry and helps to promote digital document strategy by managing documents, cases and processes where your core systems cannot. OnBase started out in the world of banking with all the attendant stringent requirements for data security and efficiency. This benefits insurance companies and their customers today, with the platform ensuring fast, GDPR-compliant and real-time processing of insurance cases.

OnBase integrates seamlessly with existing policy, collection and claims systems. Work processes are automated and processing times are accelerated throughout the insurance life cycle – from intelligent collection and integration of information to case management with smooth customer communications management (CCM). This enhances both the quality and the efficiency of the work and customer service, while also improving the overall customer experience.

Over time, the OnBase information platform has been integrated into more than 500 unique applications without adjusting coding. And it’s not just a matter of retrieving documents – OnBase provides more than 30 different integration options, including with systems like Guidewire, Duck Creek and TIA.

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OnBase integrates easily with legacy systems
A significant challenge for all insurance companies is the large amount of information required to effectively complete the sale of a policy or to process a claim, as this information is often stored on legacy systems. Document and information management are usually peripheral functions for providers of insurance systems or package providers; accordingly, processes are slow, inefficient and incapable of giving the necessary 360-degree view of customer histories and product portfolios.

The benefits of OnBase are:

  • All the information is brought together in one location
  • Process automation
  • Integrates with insurance systems
  • Faster case processing of policies and claims alike
  • A better overview and better decision-making
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, including GDPR

All in all, a better customer experience!

OnBase OnSite
Accelerate the claims and inspection process by enabling self-service for the policyholder using an advanced app-based video and photo inspection system.

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