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OnBase automates your processes, administers the organisation’s key information in a secure, central location and works with the rest of your core systems to deliver relevant data – exactly when you need it. This gives management the best starting point for making well-founded decisions as well as being 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


OnBase equips your organisation with:

  • Improved service level
    - Real-time status of orders, enquiries and transactions
    - Customers/suppliers, etc., can fill in forms or ask questions online
    - Reduction in staff resources searching for information in different locations.

  • Reduction in production costs
    - Faster processing via automation of predictable decisions. Rapid access to all related work tasks, activities and cases.
    - Increased productivity by access to relevant data and processes – including from mobile devices
    - Electronic storage, processing and exchange of documents significantly reduces paper consumption as well as postage and storage costs.

  • Data security and GDPR
    - All system look-ups and changes are tracked and logged automatically
    - Supports reporting of or enquiries about missing required information
    - Automates needs for storage, archiving and destruction
    - Fully GDPR compliant

  • High-level decision-making support
    - Management reports are fully customised
    - Reports can be delivered as lists, visual graphics or a workflow overview
    - Machine Learning can take over trivial decision-making tasks.

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