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The OnBase platform makes integration easy with the other IT systems across your organisation. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you don’t need to be a developer or a database administrator to create and maintain an OnBase solution. This is because OnBase is built on simple, complete architecture that’s accessible locally or as a cloud solution.


Configurable without codingOnBase is easy to configure using drag and drop. You use check-box fields, radio buttons and drop-down menus to quickly configure and modify your solution. No more expensive, long-drawn-out hours of development!

Scalable across your organisationOnBase is scalable to match changing requirements or needs, so you’ll never outgrow your OnBase solution. Start in one department and allow your solution to grow to match changing needs and requirements. Speed and performance are maintained, of course, even as you continue to expand and enhance your solution.

Continuous improvementDevelopment of OnBase is 100% inhouse by Hyland. Since the start in 1991, on average there have been two updates per year – one major and one minor. This ensures that OnBase is always at the forefront of developments in the industry, keeping up with technological trends and supporting the latest operating systems, browsers and applications.

Easy to update - With OnBase, all the components of your solution are updated simultaneously, eliminating the challenges of updating separate, specially coded solutions. Run more than one version of OnBase side by side to exploit incremental, parallel updates while minimising downtime.

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