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What is OnBase?

One platform for strengthening

your core systems

OnBase by Hyland has been voted one of the world’s best document management platforms for the 10th year running. And with good reason.

OnBase is an advanced but user-friendly information platform that automates business processes, centralises key information and business-critical content and collaborates with other core systems to deliver relevant data – exactly when it’s needed. This gives management the best starting point for making well-founded decisions, boosting productivity across departments, and ensuring 100% compliance with the GDPR.

OnBase had its origins in the US world of banking, where it was designed to manage content, processes and cases under very strict data security requirements. In the Danish market, where competitiveness is under growing pressure, OnBase puts your business a step ahead by weaving all your core systems together throughout the organisation.

OnBase is extremely powerful for plugging gaps, and it is built on very simple architecture, which makes it easy to integrate with other IT systems without spending hours on costly development. That is a significant reason for the popularity of this platform.

OnBase brings together Enterprise Content Management, Document Management, CRM, Workflows, Business Process Management, Records Management, Real Time monitoring of processes and access to data, information and documents, anywhere and any time. All with data security centre stage.

Why choose OnBase?

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