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Forget manual

data entry

and inefficiency

Bottleneck in the process flow. Inefficient, manual data entry. Wasted hours and rising costs. Sounds familiar?

This may be because more than 80 per cent of all types of information is stored in unstructured, uncategorised documents, which makes automating processes extremely difficult.

Brainware performs accurate sorting of paper and electronic documents, and transfers the content to your core systems. This enables far more efficient document management spanning different file types, languages and departments. Brainware is the fastest and most accurate method of capturing content at source and delivering it exactly where you need it.

Brainware data capture gives you the following benefits, and more besides:

  • Fast invoice processing – reduced from days or weeks to hours via accounts payable (AP) automation
  • Reconciling money transfers in a matter of seconds instead of hours or days
  • Automatic data extraction for verification and work processes
  • Extraction of a large amount of the data needed for processing e-mails automatically
  • Expansion of the benefits of automation to other departments, e.g. HR
  • Simplified classification of medical records

Analytics and reporting
Brainware data capture provides you with real-time status reports that give you the best possible basis for making critical decisions.

Easy implementation and integrationThanks to the advanced technology of Brainware, your system can be up and running in a matter of days or weeks, generating ROI from day one. The system can be integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), information platform Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Data Management Systems (DMS) and other departmental and business systems, without disruption or downtime.

If you want to know more about Brainware, you can read much more on Hyland’s official website here.

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