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Content Composer

Intelligent control

of customer communications

Content Composer is Hyland’s flagship when it comes to Customer Communications Management (CCM). Content Composer makes it easy to create, deliver, store and retrieve outbound communications, e.g. about marketing, new product launches, renewal notifications, specifications of requirements, documentation and payment notifications.

Content Composer puts an end to those familiar challenges inherent in the reality of individual employees preparing and saving different documents and presentations. The system saves time, staff resources and expense when preparing either internal or customer-facing communications.


Created for speed and accuracy

Content Composer gives you an automated, cost-effective and streamlined tool to easily create and deliver materials with all the information you and your customers need, without time-consuming manual data collection.

Content Composer is designed for ease of integration with your company’s other systems and software. This reduces the resources spent on creating individually tailored documents based on standard templates, while fully supporting large-scale communications processes.

Automating data collection for and distribution of individually tailored material is not about efficiency for the sake of efficiency. It’s about the very precise benefits this brings to the entire organisation, including better allocation of staff resources, precise, visually consistent communication, conformity with the design manual and relevant regulations, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive but simple

Content Composer technology adapts to the unique needs of an individual organisation without use of programming or complex user interfaces. Whether you need to print, fax, e-mail or archive system output, Content Composer supports fast, personalised customer communication, while also considerably reducing costs. And it works hassle-free with your ECM system and other business applications.

Integrating and automating output

  • Extracts dynamic data from multiple sources simultaneously in order to be able to generate personalised output.
  • Uses existing data from ERP applications, local databases, SharePoint, XML, ODBC or ADO.NET connections and OnBase systems
  • Delivers embedded document creation for existing programs such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce via web services
  • Makes use of omni-channel distribution to convey information flexibly and simply

Powerful document creation

  • Create and edit documents with an integrated, intuitive designer function
  • Create attractive, individual documents using templates and text blocks in the familiar Microsoft Word environment
  • Create output using current data in the integrated data designer function
  • Use batch processing for fully automated mass distribution
  • Use advanced template management to organise document types

If you want to know more about Content Composer, you can read much more on Hyland’s official website here.

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