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Enterprise Search

Find, analyse and use

correct content

– anywhere and any time

All organisations are familiar with the challenge: Finding the correct answers to important questions in the mountain of information.

The answers may be well hidden in documents, files, e-mails or other forms of information. Information created at astonishing speed by different people, in different languages and stored in different locations.

Advanced software for localisation of knowledge is a key technology at a time of ever-increasing amounts of information and Big Data.

Get quick answers to your critical questions
Enterprise Search makes locating key information quick and easy. With Enterprise Search, users can quickly find and access the information they need; this means, for example, they can complete a task, solve a problem, respond to a customer enquiry or advance a process. There is no need for the user to key in error-free enquiries in order to get the right results, thanks to a number of intuitive functions:

  • Variable navigation
  • Conversational search
  • Supports many languages

Enterprise Search offers exceptional content-searching and output technology that retrieves valuable content, wherever it is to be found:

  • Archives
  • SharePoint websites
  • E mail systems
  • Shared networks
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Social media
  • Anywhere else

Users can also analyse and explore relationships and connections between different types of information.

Enterprise Search makes it possible to perform intuitive searching, whereby less effort is needed to deliver more accurate results and insights.

If you want to know more about Enterprise Search, you can read much more on Hyland’s official website here.

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