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OnBase OnSite

A virtual real-time video streaming

platform for inspections and

gathering evidence

OnBase OnSite
Claims and estimator teams can see what the customer sees through OnBase OnSite, Hyland’s virtual real-time video streaming platform for inspections and gathering evidence.

When your customers suffer a loss, they put their trust in you to deliver the best possible service in the shortest possible time.

OnBase OnSite is a platform for cooperation on claims that helps insurance companies to document, inspect and review damage from a distance or asynchronously. Our mobile solutions support a number of work processes ranging from working with the customer on self-service, to professional inspection in situ.

They also provide superior customer service directly from FNOL by giving estimators, business partners or customers a real-time way of working directly with claims handlers and customer support workers in insurance companies because they can take live video, provide a verbal description and take photographs of the inspection site. They can then upload these photos, videos and other documents pertinent to the inspection to the OnSite web portal, giving the claims handlers instant access to this information.

OnBase OnSite benefits:

  • Reduction in inspection costs
    Save up to 360 EUR per inspection
  • Boost the effectiveness of claims adjustment
    Expand inspection capacity by 50% per week.
  • Reduce claims costs and processing time
    Inspections can be reduced to 2–3 days by using real-time video material.

How OnBase OnSite works:

The system manages all inspection flows
Harnessing the power of live and offline video documentation, OnSite handles all the different inspection work processes and also offers a number of other functions designed to promote the documentation process.

Thus, the solution provides a number of claims handling tools for both customer self-service and professional inspection.

Inspecting damage without leaving the office. OnSites’ customer-focused mobile solutions enable policyholders to cooperate directly with claims handlers through live video and photographing, or through guided offline self-service with instructions on the screen.

Give end-to-end inspection and claims handling tools to your on-the-road estimators and engineers, etc. From filing the claim to transferral to inspection and upload, your external teams can use the OnSite package to work together, document and close the claim faster than ever before.

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