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– Secure file sharing

and full control

ShareBase is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based software solution for collaboration and secure sharing of files and information within and outside an organisation. ShareBase supports advanced information management, where administrators have control over user access and permissions, with audit trails being created of all user activity. When you use ShareBase with OnBase, the content you share with customers or other stakeholders becomes an integral part of your business processes.

Many processes require your employees to share and collaborate on documents with people within and outside your organisation. This usually requires expensive file-sharing solutions or use of the employees’ own alternative sharing methods, which are beyond your control.

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file-sharing solution that provides secure, cloud-based file sharing while your organisation retains full ownership and control, thus avoiding potentially breaching the GDPR rules.

Controlled sharing
ShareBase ensures that your organisation has ownership of all shared information. When users leave the organisation or change roles, the administrator can simply revoke or transfer rights; this reduces the risk of unauthorised access and ensures continuity.

Administrators can also restrict file sharing by controlling maximum permissions and expiry of file sharing, either for all users or for specific user groups. Furthermore, they can restrict external sharing and create libraries of content over which they have full control. When a ShareBase user changes role, the administrator can simply assign new users to their shared folders.

Enhancing cooperation and searches
ShareBase users can easily edit files directly in the file’s original application, as each saved change creates a new document version. This gives all users with the appropriate permission access to all document versions alongside each file. With intuitive chat functions for commenting, ShareBase tracks related conversations and gives users the option to subscribe to e-mail notifications of any changes when collaborating on content. In addition, ShareBase generates a read-only activity trail for maximum transparency and security.

The search function gives users the opportunity to locate documents anywhere in ShareBase – no matter whether the document was shared directly with a user, placed in a business library or stored among their files. Users can search for documents by text within a file, file name, tags, file type and date created.

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